Diary#106 fearing fall in <3

one song get my attention

the inspiration just  what I feel now

fearing, worrying

how fast can love another crush ?

well, it need some time.

but how I know will the next one do the same things on me just like my Ex did ?

or the simplest things

do she love me either ?

Yes, I’m totally worrying about these

it would make my mood turn bad suddenly

some said , ” hey , u r man ! get urself done and well ! “

well , I doing right now. make me busier and busier.

But also fancy ,  one day

HER, or someone girl can get my attention and told me

” I love you thousand more..”



p/s: I’m not tat weak of man , just get used to protect my heart being hurt and cheat again.

Not only woman can get hurt easily , sometime , man also.


~ by emberai on June 12, 2013.

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